Principal's Message


Hello Scottsville Community,

In the phone conversation with district administration when asked if I would consider serving as your interim principal for this school year, I was told I could sleep on the decision overnight. My response was that I did not need extra time to consider the option of coming to Scottsville, but am emphatically resolute that the answer is YES! There are times in life that one simply knows what is right.  And this feels right to me. I hope as we begin our work and partnerships together, that you’ll agree.   I am eager to first learn everything I can, as soon as I can, about this great school community, students and staff.  Then, acting on what I learn, in partnership with the staff and parents to maintain what “works” and to “work on” what needs to be improved.  

Coming late in the summer and just getting back from a long needed vacation, we plan to hit the ground running, first thing Monday morning, August 1st!  When I say “we”, I mean with Scottsville’s new assistant principal, Christa Livermon.  Christa began at Scottsville in early July and had the opportunity to begin work with our outgoing principal, Dr. England.  Having Christa begin the work of this year with Dr. England and to bridge the transition of principals has been invaluable. 

 Please keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities to work with us, to wrap our arms around this wonderful school and its incredible children.   

Please know my office door, phone (434 286 - 2441) and email ( are always open to you.  

Principal Stow

Principal Art Stow

Principal Art Stow