Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Elizabeth Cox

Dear Tiger Families,

Did you know that it was National School Social Work Week from March 7-13th?  I’m sorry that I missed it, but even though I’m late I want to recognize Kim Stanton and Renee Lundgren for all the great work that they do!  Both of them support our families in a huge variety of ways and we are forever grateful.  Kim Stanton primarily works with families with children in our preschool program called, Bright Stars.  She continues to work with these families even when their children are in upper grades.  Renee Lundgren works with families who weren’t in Bright Stars and also helps children transition successfully to and through middle school.  She spends a few days a week with us and a few days each week with Walton Middle School.  Thank you, ladies, for making a positive difference every day!

On a similar note, did you know that Sandy Herndon and Kara Redman, our amazing cafeteria staff, prepare about the same number of meals each day as the staff at Monticello High School?  I don’t know how they can keep up, but they somehow do it every day.  They make breakfast and lunch for all the students in our building as well as all the meals that go out on buses to be delivered.  And they manage to do it with a smile.  We are so grateful to them!

You might be curious about what is happening in our new addition.  If so, check out these two videos with updates.  March 9th  and March 19th.

Now that we have about 75% of our students here we will have fewer bus deliveries for supplies.  Teachers will let you know prior to sending anything on a Friday.  A bus will not come unless you hear from us.

Finally, if your child is missing school due to an illness, please make sure that you call or email Viv Fewell, our school nurse.  She also is a great asset to our school community!

Thank you for partnering with us to educate our children,

Staci England

SES Principal,
Dr. Staci England