Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Elizabeth Cox

Dear Tiger Families,

Did you know that it was National School Social Work Week from March 7-13th?  I’m sorry that I missed it, but even though I’m late I want to recognize Kim Stanton and Renee Lundgren for all the great work that they do!  Both of them support our families in a huge variety of ways and we are forever grateful.  Kim Stanton primarily works with families with children in our preschool program called, Bright Stars.  She continues to work with these families even when their children are in upper grades.  Renee Lundgren works with families who weren’t in Bright Stars and also helps children transition successfully to and through middle school.  She spends a few days a week with us and a few days each week with Walton Middle School.  Thank you, ladies, for making a positive difference every day!

On a similar note, did you know that Sandy Herndon and Kara Redman, our amazing cafeteria staff, prepare about the same number of meals each day as the staff at Monticello High School?  I don’t know how they can keep up, but they somehow do it every day.  They make breakfast and lunch for all the students in our building as well as all the meals that go out on buses to be delivered.  And they manage to do it with a smile.  We are so grateful to them!

You might be curious about what is happening in our new addition.  If so, check out these two videos with updates.  March 9th  and March 19th.

Now that we have about 75% of our students here we will have fewer bus deliveries for supplies.  Teachers will let you know prior to sending anything on a Friday.  A bus will not come unless you hear from us.

Finally, if your child is missing school due to an illness, please make sure that you call or email Viv Fewell, our school nurse.  She also is a great asset to our school community!

Thank you for partnering with us to educate our children,

Staci England

Elizabeth Cox

Dear Tiger Families,

I want to thank everyone who was able to participate in our community meetings.  I appreciate the questions and I hope that I was able to provide some answers.  I'm writing to share the slides from that meeting with this link.

For the most current information on all topics related to the re-o­­­­pening of school, visit the ACPS home page and click on the Return to School: Transition to 2020-21 link in the yellow banner or in the Important Links panel.

The School Board has another Town Hall meeting on Monday and has their regular meeting Thursday when they should decide how we open as a school system.  Click on either meeting link to learn more about how to access and view.

As always, please reach out if you have questions.  I will be on vacation Tuesday-Friday, and hope to take a break from email during that time, so my answers will be delayed.  However, I am working this Monday and will be fully back again next Monday.

I sincerely hope that you and your families are doing well,

Staci England

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Elizabeth Cox

Good Afternoon Tiger Families,

I hope that this message finds your family safe and healthy during this difficult time. We miss seeing your children’s smiling faces each day at school and are looking forward to the day when we can hug our students again as they get off the buses.

As many of you know, last Thursday our School Board heard possible re-opening scenarios for the Fall. That presentation and the related information can be found on the ACPS website.

We are told that the School Board will vote on the final re-opening plan on July 30th. Much of the presentation was about how to safely have school in school buildings. A return to the building will only be possible if we can keep the virus rate low and stay in Phase 3 as determined by Governor Northam.  While the current plan may change (based on current conditions with the pandemic, School Board and community stakeholder input, etc.), our team is working hard now to apply the guidance that was presented last Thursday to our own school.

The plan presented gives families two options for the start of the school year should Virginia remain in Phase 3:  1) At-home virtual instruction (real-time) or 2) Hybrid in-person learning (at school 4 days a week, at home 1 day per week). Families will receive a survey on July 20th from ACPS to indicate their preferred option.

The number one question I receive is, “What will school look like in the fall?” While I cannot predict the future, I can tell you more about the plan presented last week and how it will look at our school. Again, this is dependent on us remaining in Phase 3 across Virginia. Here are some things we have planned:

  1. Class sizes will need to be reduced to allow a minimum of six feet of separation between students when in the classroom. We are looking at creative ways to accomplish this using existing staff at Scottsville and existing spaces.        
  2. Bus arrival and dismissal times be staggered with car drop off and pick up.  I will send more information when we have a definite plan.   
  3. Lunch will occur in the classroom. Recess will occur safely, and often!
  4. The School Board is considering a policy on requiring student and staff use of face masks during portions of the school day.  Mask-break times would be built into the school day and clear guidance about when masks will be worn would be shared with parents.
  5. Classroom furniture will be arranged to allow more distancing between students. The use of couches, group seating, etc, will be limited.

Whether we meet in person or virtually, classes will continue to be taught with love and kindness each and every day. Elementary learning is social by nature, and we are striving to design an instructional day that still allows for safe student collaboration and play. We want to keep the joy in school!

While these broad details obviously do not answer all the questions you may have as a parent, I am hopeful that it provides a glimpse into the work we are doing. I remain 100% committed to providing the safest and most appropriate learning environment possible for our students and staff!

I hope that this answers some questions, but I’m guessing that there are more. I will host two online meetings on Monday, July 20 and try to answer your questions. One will be at 9am and the other at 6:30p. I will have a short presentation and then answer questions. I am also available in the office, through phone, or email. I’ll send the link as we get closer to the meeting.

On another note, here is the latest video showing remodeling updates.  In this video you will meet Shaun Pettry, our site superintendent for all of the work on our school. 

Thank you for continuing to partner with us during this time. Please tell your children that our staff misses them greatly. And thanks for reading this long message!

Take care,

Staci England

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Elizabeth Cox

Dear Tiger Families,

I sincerely hope that you are all healthy and well.  Welcome to July when school staff are already busy getting ready for the coming year.  As you know, the School Board will make decisions July 9th about what school might look like.  In the meantime, we are getting prepared for several possibilities.  We would love to have all students back in school, but we want to do so safely.

I’ve learned that some of our families did not get the survey information from the county.  I am sorry about the glitches.  If you didn’t get it, or can’t find it, you can still let us know your preferences with this  link to the Learning and Transportation Preferences form.  You could also email our bookkeeper, Stephanie Whiting, at and tell her if you want hybrid learning or virtual learning, and if you need bus transportation.  Please know that your choice is not final.  They are collecting this information in order to help them make preliminary decisions.  You have until July 5th to participate in this round.

This continues to be a challenging time as we grapple with the pandemic, racism, economic distress, and other problems.  Even so, I keep hearing stories about kind things that people are doing for each other.  Here’s a small example:  One of our teachers needed to get some books out of the school.  The construction guys stopped their work to help her even though they have a lot of pressure to get finished.  I hope that all of us frequently remember to do something nice for someone else.  

Take care,

Staci England


Here’s some more information:

Office Reopening:

Starting July 6th, we will be staffing our office during school hours.  We will answer the phone and you can make an appointment to come in if needed.


School Unity:

We want our school community to be more unified and for each student to know that they are a valuable part of our school team.  Prior to the Stay at Home order we had planned to start a parent/community advisory team.  We had to postpone, but I want to move forward at this time and am inviting you to join.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining this advisory group.  I’m looking for at least three more family representatives.  We will have an introductory meeting in August and then will meet regularly on one evening a month.


School Construction:  

The biggest change since the last video is that the playground equipment is open for use!  They have also done a lot of plumbing and electrical work.  Click here to tour with me.

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SES Principal,
Dr. Staci England